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User Engagement

As an editor of digital media, you supply content available to your user community. This content is the core value of your business. In addition, your compensation model is directly related to the visibility and adoption of proposed media, either advertising or entertainment media. Although the quality of your content is the key to your reputation, it can be durable only if you can keep your users. The solution proposed by RocketFid can efficiently convert a visitor into a firm believer by adding a fun experience and social to your brand. Thus you ensure your audience growth, and automatically, your income.

Engagement 2.0

Numerous publishers manage to attract their visitors by traditional means, namely efficient referencing or targeted advertising campaigns. However, it turns out that their bounce rate, ie the ratio between the number of visitors not staying on the media out of their total number is still too high: it is that much less income caused by a lack of loyalty. The RocketFid solution influences the behavior of your visitors to convert them into active users of your services. Mechanisms used push your visitors to participate in your content, enriching and promoting it. These resources are intended to be perfectly transparent and considered a non-intrusive part of your website or application.

Gamification Powered

Our commitment and behavior analysis engine, called RocketBooster, can guide visitor behavior intelligently in real time, to engage and convert visitors into loyal consumers. Key indicators provided by the RocketFid solution, measure behavior generating revenue such as:

- la participation à générer du contenu et à le partager dans le réseau social crée autour de la marque
- l'adhésion à la marque par les supports intégrés, de nature publicitaire, promotionnelle ou communicante
- la conversion des récompenses virtuelles en offres ouvrant droit à des contenus premium
- la visibilité des actions utilisateurs, indice de réputation encourageant la communication et les interactions entre membre de la communauté

Learn More on the gamification on RocketFid blog.

RocketFid engages your users like no other gamification solution

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