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Loyalty and Commerce

From a marketing perspective, the e-commerce websites know that their growth depends heavily on their ability to attract visitors, convert them into satisfied buyers to become followers of a brand or trade name. The main challenge is to retain a buyer by entertaining means and rewarding experiences, the aim being to maximize sales and make them long-lasting.

Reward Programs

Encourage your visitors to discover the full range of your products, this will have more positive impact on your sales, visibility and brand loyalty: the more they discover, the more you reward them for it. Motivate your visitors to fill out a registration form, to explore your online shop, to share relevant comments and leave ratings. The game mechanics will make the experience more attractive and exciting. Your loyalty programs can provide virtual rewards for your active users on one hand, as well as discount coupons to your loyal buyers on the other.

Product launch

You can easily promote the launch of a new product or service using gamification techniques, assigning points and rewards as well as offering challenges to try something new. Envy-inciting products and the spirit of competition are important when shared on social networks: you should then reward these particular user actions in proportion to the highlighted events. The challenge here is to generate excitement around your launch, create hype around your product or service and communicate beyond that: the gamification adds to your marketing efforts and outreach.

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