Boost your community

Motivate Collaborators

The purpose of a gamification solution in business is to raise the level of commitment, change behavior and stimulate innovation of your employees. Benefits to the business are immense, ranging from improving performance and the well-being of your employees and teams, collaboration between services, to advancing of the most innovative ideas, the commitment and satisfaction of your customers and partners.

Boosted productivity

By introducing game mechanics into the world of work, you will be able to guide your staff on the best way to achieve company objectives, by rewarding and stimulating challenges between colleagues in an entertaining way. Motivated and driven by the spirit of competition, your employees are more likely to complete their tasks, especially if they are rewarded with points and they can still move up in the players hierarchy. You then have the opportunity to monitor the performance and behavior of your team.

Improving the well-being of your employees, you encourage their involvement and satisfaction, including yours. As every game has its rules, you are able to facilitate the adoption of new working methods or processes leading to the strategic objectives of the company. As an example, the integration of a gamification solution in marketing software used by sales teams can set targets to reach and motivate them by rewarding points for each step completed toward the goal. By visually comparing achieved targets by each team and the best seller ranking at any given moment, you add a fun and effective dimension to the trade.

Membership and Recognition

Used for training or increasing proficiency when using a product, the RocketFid gamification solution can foster retention in an entertaining way, making learning more efficient at the same time. The key word here is : eTraining and eLearning. Strengthening your employees' feeling of membership in your company spirit and culture will promote initiatives and the exchange of ideas more smoothly, through social features included in the RocketBooster.

You then develop two key factors of your production process: promoting your employees' innovative ideas and retaining your resources, reducing employee turnover. Who knows the value of their work, and the possibilities offered by the product they design, better than your employees? By rewarding employee initiative, you induce a stronger adherence to your business culture and loyalty! Alongside employee well-being and the satisfaction of performing valued work, you create a positive aura around the company's reputation. This incites outsiders to wish to join your company.

Customer satisfaction

By adding gamification to your customer relation management tools such as CRM, you offer your customers a social and community dimension from an external point of view , and improve the quality of customer care by your employees from an internal point of view. Satisfaction is greatly improved throughout the processing chain, as well as the professional reputation of your business and the care you bring to your customers. Then you are promoting loyalty in your brand and products.

RocketFid engages your users like no other gamification solution

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