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The Company

RocketFid is positioned as the European reference in gamification solutions online. Bringing game mechanics to community websites, as well as e-commerce sites, they can engage their users more significantly and derive tangible business benefits, such as increasing site navigation time and strengthening customer loyalty.

Founded in 2012 and headquartered in the Bordeaux region's incubator of innovative startups, RocketFid exclusively relies on local partners and suppliers, and receive the best advice and feedback from its network of companies revolving around web technologies.

Its founders wanted to renovate the marketing concept of loyalty with today's modern tools, applied to new modes of consumption, both information and goods. The social nature of today's Internet and networks is at the heart of the RocketFid solution, and made accessible through any medium.

We offer technical support, strategy consulting, and campaign optimization on one hand, qualify and target users - the drivers of a community - as well as integrate the solution into the customer ecosystem on the other. This is the foundation of the services offered to professionals, summing up the added value and performance of RocketFid solutions.

The Team



Paul began his career as a offshore geophysicist in 2000. In charge of data processing and by taste of innovation, Paul develops software production aid that will be used by the entire fleet. He joined in 2006 the young startup Agematis (Steek) which was a precursor in online storage. Architect and development manager of the storage engine, Paul leads a R&D team at first, then join the professional services team, where he will participate in operations and project management as well as presales.

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